Smartphone Repair

Smartphone Repair


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Phone Screen Problems

  • Cracked screens
  • White screens
  • Blank screens
  • Lines running through the middle of the screen
  • “Tie-dye” effect
  • “Bleeding” LCD
  • “Black spots or link spot

Physical Problems

  • Phone broken into two pieces
  • Phone was accidentally dropped and mangled

Power Problems

  • Charging came loose, is bent or broken
  • Phone will not hold charge
  • Phone will not charge period
  • No power
  • Overheat when attempting to charge

Water Damage

  • Submerged in water
  • Water Spilled
  • Moisture
  • Water damaged stickers turned red

NOTE:  Do not power on, remove the battery and rush it to us asap.


Audio Problems

  • Sound fades in and out during calls
  • No ring tone
  • Very low sound; even when
    volume is at high

Typical Keypad Problems

  • All keypad malfunctions
  • Keys or keypad are stuck
  • Missing keys
  • Keys are pressing on their own
  • Keys on side of phone are not working

Signal Problems

  • No signal
  • Phone was accidentally dropped
    and mangled

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