Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid damage Repair Cost
PC $100 – $175
Mac $150 – $275

Liquid Damage Repair

At some point, we all have spilled water or another drink on the keyboard of our laptops while doing some work. The experts at UPI have a 95% chance of fixing the liquid damage with a quick turn around time.Repairs are typically done the same day in most cases.


  • Hardware issue from slow running machine too bad graphics for any model laptop.
  • Motherboard repair for all models including MacBooks.
  • Ram upgrade mac & PC
  • Conversion to SSD drive mac & PC


If you got your laptop wet, you will need
to follow these steps.


  • The first thing you want to do is power the machine off.
  • Then you want to turn the machine upside down and drain any liquid that’s inside the laptop.
  • After that remove the battery and wipe the computer as well as possible.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE IT APART, just clean the computer the best you can by wiping any liquid off the keyboard, screen, in the battery chassis, under the keyboard if possible and bring it into one of our two locations.

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