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Computer Backup Solutions

It’s happened to most of us before… A click on the wrong e-mail, hitting OK on a loaded pop-up after mistyping “google” for “google”, and now your computer’s acting funny. It’s not always easy to come to terms with the fact that the computer is going to need to be wiped clean, and get going with a fresh start to fix this, but often times, that’s the only way to get your equipment back to the way it’s supposed to be. There is an upside, though. We can back up most of the important information on your computer before we clean out the virus or malware infecting it and then put it back on after we’ve gotten the computer running again.

Signs a Laptop Hard Drive is Failing

  • Blue Screen of Death – If your laptop screen turns completely blue on start-up or during operation, turn off the computer immediately and contact a data recovery professional.
  • Clicking or Other Sounds – If your computer is making clicking, grinding, or screeching sounds, this is an indication that your hard drive is very close to or has already failed.
  • Unresponsiveness – Every hard drive will fail, it is simply a matter of when; components in a hard drive begin to wear the first time the hard drive is used. If your laptop becomes increasingly slow, or continually locks up, this could be an indication that your hard drive is nearing the end of its life.
  • Physically Damaged Laptop Computer – If your laptop has been knocked over, or bumped and will not re-start, it is possible that the hard drive has suffered damage to one or more of its internal components.

If you have experienced a hard drive crash in your laptop computer or feel that your hard drive is failing, turn off your computer immediately and bring it to one of our two new Houston repair centers.

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